Grown, spun, and botanically hand dyed here in the US! 

Our goal has always been to make beautiful, ethically sourced, minimally processed, and naturally dyed yarns, and we are still very much guided by these principles. Our search for local yarns has been long, and there have been many ups and downs along the way, but we are so happy and so proud of where we are today!

All our yarns are sourced locally and spun for us by our friends at Battenkill Fibers. Mary Jeane and her team work closely with small farms within the Hudson Valley to bring us some of the best of what the US has to offer! 

All the dyeing magic happens in our kitchen (or balcony for Indigo dyeing) in Astoria, NY! Color is extracted from natural extracts, sustainably foraged plants, or gathered dye stuff that would've otherwise gone to waste (such as avocado pits, onion skins, citrus peel, etc). We use non-toxic, food-grade, aluminum potassium sulfate as a mordant. 

Needless to say that all our yarns are non-superwash.

Four yarns, countless colorways, all the possibilities!


BFL/Merino Fingering

If you're in search of a truly luxurious yarn, look no further! Silky soft from both the BFL and Merino, lustrous, and strong, this is an exceptionally adaptable blend. We want to make everything in this yarn, from sweaters to shawls and all the baby knits!

Yarn specs:

  • 50% BFL / 50% Merino
  • 2-ply fingering weight
  • 3.5 oz ~ 350 yards / 100 gm ~ 320 m
  • US 0-5 / 2-3.75 mm
  • Non-superwash 

Corriedale Sport

A resilient fiber with a lot of loft and elasticity. Soft enough next to skin, yet durable, this yarn would make beautiful, hard-wearing garments, socks and other accessories!

Yarn specs:

100% Corriedale
3-ply sport weight
3.5 oz ~ 308 yards / 100 gm ~ 282 m
US 2-6 / 2.75-4 mm


Alpaca/Corriedale DK

Velvety smooth and supple, with just enough structure and elasticity to keep the fabric from draping too much, this is a truly sumptuous yarn.

Yarn specs:

50% Alpaca / 50% Corriedale
2-ply DK weight
3.5 oz ~ 220 yards / 100 gm ~ 201 m
US 4-8 / 3.5-5 mm


Romney/Merino DK

The perfect marriage between two classic breeds: the Romney brings just the right amount of rustic, while the Merino balances it out with a delicate touch, making this a beautiful and extremely versatile yarn to work with. 

Yarn specs:

60% Romney / 40% Merino
2-ply DK weight
3.5 oz ~ 240 yards / 100 gm ~ 219 m
US 4-8 / 3.5-5 mm

Why Domestic Wool?

When I first sat down to write my dream plan for where I wanted to take Oysters and Purls, I knew there were three stages involved.  

My first focus was on sustainably sourced and naturally hand dyed yarns. I wanted to start a yarn label that stood for the values I believed in, creating yarn that is truly a joy to work with, while being kind and respectful to the animals and our planet in the process. I had found a really lovely sustainable merino, produced in Australia, and sold worldwide through, with an easy and reliable supply. So, I decided to test the waters with this yarn first. 

But I also knew from day one that my goal was to eventually source all my yarn locally. This was a conscious choice, and a natural progression of my values. I wanted to do as little harm to Planet Earth as possible, so why would I continue using yarn that flew all the way from Australia to England to me? I knew I had to go local! 

Plus, I wanted to make yarn that told a story: one where I knew the farmers and the spinners, and I could visit them if I wanted to, talk to them, pet the sheep, and have that human connection. So, I always knew I wanted to work with small local farms eventually.   

The transition did not go as smoothly as anticipated. I quickly found a farm grown and milled yarn that I absolutely fell in love with. Their values were aligned with ours, the yarn they made was beautiful, and they were a one stop shop, because they had a mill on their farm! Perfect! I started working with them right away, launching a summer collection and then a fall collection. I was super excited, as you can imagine! And I had multiple collaborations with designers, as well as a feature in an online publication, all of which were scheduled to launch at the same time as the yarn. To add to my excitement, the yarn was very well received, so everything seemed to be going according to plan. 

However, my suppliers decided they were going to expand their mill, and stopped all production of yarn exactly at the moment when we had gathered all that momentum, with no certainty of when they would resume production again. Naturally, I panicked a little, but I am a strong believer in “everything happens for a reason”. So, I used this opportunity and looked for other possibilities!

And as much as I would love to still be carrying those yarns, I am so happy to be working with Battenkill Fibers! They are a driving distance from me, and they can make any yarn I want! The possibilities are endless and insanely exciting to me!