Who am I?


Hi! My name is Armenuhi, or Am for short, and I am the founder, dreamer, dyer, and knitwear designer behind Oysters and Purls! My days are usually filled with taking care of my daughter, cleaning, cooking, and, of course, working on everything related to Oysters and Purls. I love to knit every chance I get, which happens less often than I’d like! And I am obsessed with sustainability, so I do quite a bit of research and thinking on how to further reduce waste, where our food comes from, slow fashion, etc. One of my all time favorite activities is to plan trips! We love to travel, and I usually spend months doing research and planning our travel adventures! 

The idea for Oysters and Purls was conceived in the summer of 2015. At the time I was constantly flooding my social media with photos of mouth watering food and exotic travels, and everyone was encouraging me to start a blog. Throughout the months that followed, I became a mother, an experience that, needless to say, changed my life completely! And before I knew it, pictures of food and travel were replaced with baby and lots and lots of knitting. 

After months of brainstorming and thinking of the perfect name to capture the essence of my brand, I had that lightbulb moment. Oysters and Purls was born!


Why Oysters and Purls?

  •  Oysters: food and deliciousness
  •  Pearls grow in oysters: motherhood
  •  To purl is the “opposite” of to knit: therefore, pearls get substituted with purls!
  •  “The world is your oyster”: home and travel

So stay tuned for lots of fiber related talk, get inspired as I share my knitwear designs, hold my hand as I go through this journey of motherhood, or simply join me as I continue to explore the world! Either way, enjoy the ride and thank you for stopping by!


We'd love to hear from you!

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