Sustainable, Botanically Dyed Natural Fibers

All our yarns are made of sustainably sourced, minimally treated natural fibers, botanically dyed in our tiny kitchen in New York City. Color is extracted from natural extracts, sustainably foraged plants, or gathered dye stuff that would've otherwise gone to waste (such as avocado pits, onion skins, citrus peel, etc). We use non-toxic, food-grade, aluminum potassium sulfate as a mordant. 

Australian New Merino

We currently have a base that is 100% sustainable Australian new merino. The farms involved in producing this exquisite yarn take particular care to ensure that the animals are well kept, that the grading is of the highest standard and that the land is sustained in an environmental way. 

This base comes in the following weights:

  • 4 ply Fingering: 3.5 oz ~ 440 yards / 100 gm ~ 400 m
  • DK: 3.5 oz ~ 255 yards / 100 gm ~ 233 m
  • Aran: 3.5 oz ~ 182 yards / 100 gm ~ 166 m

However, we are currently in the process of transitioning to a local-to-us producer. While we love the qualities of the sustainable merino that we currently work with, it is important to us that we cut down on the carbon emissions caused by the process of transporting this yarn from Australia. 

Domestic Wool

Our new base is a 100% Targhee/Columbia wool fully grown and milled by a small family-owned farm here in the USA, Cestari Sheep & Wool Company. With a rustic touch, it is the perfect amount of wooly, lofty and hard-wearing.

The Chester family began the breeding and development of the Targhee/Columbia Sheep in the late 1990's. The wool used in this yarn comes from sheep that they raise on their farm in Augusta County, Virginia. They also operate a mill on this very farm, which is where the wool is processed into yarn. The wool is washed using a scouring process that keeps natural lanolin in the yarn and maintains its natural bounce and texture. 

This base comes in the following weights:

  • 2-ply Fingering/Sock: 3.5 oz ~ 340 yards / 100 gm ~ 310 m
  • 3-ply DK: 3.5 oz ~ 254 yards / 100 gm ~ 232.2 m
  • 2-ply Worsted: 3.5 oz ~ 170 yards / 100 gm ~ 155.4 m

Note: All our bases are non-superwash.