TGS Pin - Nº10 Gladiolus Hajastanicus

Nº10 Gladiolus Hajastanicus.jpg
Nº10 Gladiolus Hajastanicus.jpg

TGS Pin - Nº10 Gladiolus Hajastanicus


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Familia: Iridaceae
Subfamilia: Crocoideae
Genus: Gladiolus
Species: Gladiolus Hajastanicus

The Armenian endemic Gladiolus Hajastanicus grows among rocks, on grassy slopes, in turf or meadows in clearings, in subalpine oak woodlands, on mount Aragac, in the central part of southernTranscaucasia, and on the mountain ridge of Zangezur. Flowers almost actinomorphic, widely open, erect, dark purple, drying violet.

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