TGS Pin - Nº08 Botrychium lunaria

Nº08 Botrychium lunaria .jpg
Nº08 Botrychium lunaria .jpg

TGS Pin - Nº08 Botrychium lunaria


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Order: Ophioglossales
Family: Ophioglossaceae
Genus: Botrychium
Species: Botrychium lunaria

Botrychium lunaria is a species of fern in the family Ophioglossaceae known by the common name moonwort or common moonwort. The leaf is 6 to 10 cm tall and is divided into a sterile and a fertile part. The sterile part of the leaf has 4 to 9 pairs of fan-shaped leaflets. The fertile part of the leaf is very different in shape, with rounded, grapelike clusters of sporangia by which it reproduces.

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